Who we are

We have started In Touch Amsterdam to devote more time and active work (beyond the individual effort) on the topics of migration and integration.
Dora Djamila Mester

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As a personal coach / counselor  I help my clients to heal issues in their sexual life or relationships. As a trainer I do in-service training, personal coaching and group sessions for teachers, trainers and professionals from various fields.

As a migrant woman myself, I also work on migration and life transitions with my clients.

My work with people taught me that physical space has a crucial role in creating security and intimacy for the emotional work to be done. I have a long-term project plan about creating a green place, a Garden, a ´European garden´. This garden would not belong to a particular country but would be interconnected; floating above cultures but also embedded into the culture of its physical location. This would be a safe place for integration, arrival.

In Touch Amsterdam is supposed to be one further step towards the idea of the ´European Floating Garden´ could come true.


Balazs bodo

Hello, my name is Balazs. I’m a social scientist by training, a humanist by happenstance, a migrant by choice.

I consider myself a child of the Enlightenment. I believe that shared intimacy is the most powerful source of good on Earth.  I make jewelry from the detritus of life, and I like getting lost in unknown places. InTouch is the latest of such places.