Gender Sexuality Relationships

We work with:
  • Youth;
  • Adults;
  • Vulnarable migrants, refugees;
  • Teachers, trainers and youth educators
  • Counselors, integration workers, health- and social workers, job consultants, sexual supervisors, and disability consultants;
  • International organizations;
  • Trainings for different target groups on the topics addressed in the goals of the association such as cultural differences on body related practices, gender, sexuality, love, intimacy or family relations;
  • Activities to develop social and emotional learning skills of young people: for a better understanding our own emotions, recognize the emotions of others, engaging with the others;
  • Developing tools and activities for teachers, social workers, youth workers and trainers to improve how to reflect on our own cultural resources and personal experience and to improve emotional and communication skills in order to establish a sustainable connection with the target group;
  • Participating in research and training projects aiming a better understanding of the challenges of the target group in relating to others – including other ethnics, religions, sexes, orientations, other cultures etc.;
  • In co-operation with international and local organizations developing programs based on activities such as gardening, cooking, creating together;
  • Organizing interdisciplinary workshops and training programs for adults, parents, teachers and social workers to teach non-formal pedagogical methods;
  • Organizing programs for youth on the issues of sexual health and sexual cultures;
  • Participating in international professional networks in order to adapt best practices from other countries;