VOICE – Using the voice and body in the classroom

Project period: May 2021- April 2023
KA2 Partnerships for creativity – adult education
Partner organisations:
élan interculturel (France), CESIE (Italy), Grotowski
Institute (Poland), In Touch (Netherlands), La XIxa (Spain)

In the VOICE project we are developing a toolkit as a self-assessment or training tool to explore the bodily / vocal presence of trainers during their pedagogical interventions.  The toolkit is for trainers and educators involved in different adult education activities (i.e. language teaching for migrants, sexuality education, theatre education etc.). In the VOICE project we developing tools that offers them a perspective on the observation of their own non-verbal and verbal performance, identifying their dominant patterns of using their body and voice in when they are with their learners.  If many of them can express doubts and concerns about their performance, these are rather subjective impression that would deserve to be contrasted with their actual behaviour to be able to identify the domains needing development. The toolkit will enable the educators to assess their own performance in their interventions and to open the possibility to start a long-lasting process of working with their voice and body, seen as tools they use in their job. This process involves working through their own habits of using the everyday voice and bodily presence, as well as the more “performative” ones, as a teaching intervention is in itself a performative act. Building feed-back loops as tool to auto asses their professional performance: To have a more constructive view on themselves as professionals in order not to fall into self-criticism or flattering.