Gender Sexuality Relationships


Integral Sexual Education and Empowerment in Schools (ISEX) 2021-2023

European youth project: Erasmus + KA205 – Strategic Partnership for school education with Kelet- Magyarországi Közösségszolgálat Alapítvány (Budapest, Hungary), CESIE (Palermo, Italy), Symplexis (Athen, Greece)

VOICE – Using the voice and body in the classroom (VOICE) 2021-2023

European KA2 project for creativity with Elan Interculturel (Parism France), CESIE (Palermo, Italy), Grotowski Institute (Poland), In Touch (Amsterdam, Netherlands), La XIxa (Barcelona, Spain)

Draw the lines of safety – Positive and safe sexuality, prevention of gender based violence for youth through art (DRAW) 2018-2021

European youth project with Tender (GB), CIPM (Piacenza, Italy), Elan Interculturel (Paris, France), NANE (Budapest, Hungary)

Intimacy, Relationships and Interculturality in Youth Work (IRIS)   2018-2021

European youth project: Erasmus + KA205 – Strategic Partnership with Elan Interculturel (Paris, France), La Xixa (Barcelona, Spain), Kepes (Budapest, Hungary)

Social Gardening


SET&Buurt Community garden in Amsterdam – Herb, vegetable, healing, recreational and children’s garden for social integration 2018 – Ongoing

(Granted project for improvements in the garden financed by the Gemeente Amsterdam / Oost Begroot)

Three tier garden 2021-2022

Funded by the StimuleringFonds call This is not a simulation. In Touch with Christina Ampatzidou, Jaz Choi and Viktor Bedő.