We are In Touch – New Website coming soon

We believe that the personal experiences from interracial marriages via having a quick snack at a Turkish kebab stand to the opportunities of cheap air travel to experience other cultures can effectively bridge huge ideological, cultural or religious systemic differences. We can empower ourselves by sharing our personal experiences, by giving access to our inner and shared resources, by getting connected to others inner worlds.

We believe, that deeply personal links can lead to more welcoming, tolerant, open and peaceful multiethnic, multicultural societies.

Instead of the fragmented, and mediatized ways of modern life we focus on the first-hand human experience:

we give birth, grow and learn, love and work, eat and think with the same body and soul.

We thus want to develop our projects in the personal domains of life, such as birth, growth, shelter, healing, sexuality (ars erotica), transition, mourning and death. We want to focus on the most fundamental aspects of human existence such as the human body, sexuality, eating, preparing and sharing food, family relations, intimacy, working, building shelter or mourning, stages which we all need to go through, and as such provide the most natural and effective opportunities for strangers to connect.